Adapting concrete experimental measurements in a FEM simulation for the development of a novel orthopaedic shoe.

  • Finder, John (Institute of Aircraft Design and Lightweight)
  • Möllers, Hendrik (Institute of Polymer Materials and Plastics E)
  • Schmidt, Carsten (Institute of Production Engineering and Machi)
  • Heimbs, Sebastian (Institute of Aircraft Design and Lightweight)

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The development in medical applications through simulation is challenging, due the nature of behaviour changes of the patient through different physical feedback. This paper shows the approach for an orthopaedic shoe, which uses a carbon composite as a spring and support element. This element needs to be adjusted to compensate for the loss in force and leverage in Patient with minor amputations (toe or metatarsal removed). Therefore, concrete measurements of a patient are used in the simulation of different models. The results are used in combination with medical experts and references to norm-gait to develop the orthopaedic shoe. The progress status is outlined and the transition to an universal system to account for different cases is shown.