Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of the Behaviour Mechanical of Green Sandwich Panels

  • Bongiorno, Francesco (Università di Palermo)
  • Militello, Carmelo (Università di Palermo)
  • Zuccarello, Bernardo (Università di Palermo)

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The objective of reducing the environmental pollution related to the manufacturing and use of synthetic materials, has recently led to national and European regulations that require the increasing use of eco-friendly or renewable materials. Among these, biocomposites are an attractive alternative to traditional materials (steel, aluminum etc.) and composites reinforced by synthetic fibers, especially fiberglass. Thanks to the peculiar mechanical performances, such as above all the high bending strength combined with a low specific weight, composite sandwich structures are increasingly used in modern industrial design. In order to contribute to the development of eco-compatible structural materials, different types of sandwiches are developed in the present work, consisting of cores in recyclable material and faces in biocomposite reinforced with natural fibers. In detail, a systematic experimental study and numerical simulations have demonstrated that the theoretical prediction of strength and the actual failure mechanism are strongly influenced in the presence of prevailing shear load. In addition, accurate failure criteria have been developed, which can be used in the design phase.